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StormCenter Communications has evolved from a specialized weather and climate technology communications company to an innovative cyber and homeland security technology development and applications company which was recently selected as one of the best Maryland technology incubator companies for cyber and homeland security in 2012.

The need for real-time, actionable information is critical during day-to-day and emergency response operations where multiple jurisdictions and disciplines interact. Plenty of homeland security-related information exists at the local, tribal, state, and federal levels, but since equipment investment decisions have been made based on the specific operational needs of individual agencies without benefit of a national strategy or standards, this information is often trapped in silos. As a result, potentially critical information often does not make it into the hands of the people who need it the most.

Extreme weather events are on the rise, climate change is impacting regions and nations around the world and geo-hazards such as volcanoes and earthquakes have had a tremendous impact on significant world populations, economy and psyche. StormCenter's technology is addressing the great need to perform real-time visualization and collaboration sessions across multiple agencies and organizations in order to accelerate and crystallize situational awareness for enhanced decision making. Whether it is tracking critical cargo, people or assets collaboratively or positioning relief crews and supplies.

Our partnerships are strong with innovative federal and state agencies and we leverage our innovations to enable real time sharing of data between for enhanced decision making for the protection of life and property. Our cornerstone technology has been reviewed by the Federal Government and found to be "unique" and "profoundly valuable." This favorable review has created a sole source contract vehicle that is open to any federal agency to put StormCenter to work serving the citizens of this great nation at a moment's notice.


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