Geo-spatial Presentations

StormCenter specializes in creating state of the art presentations that use a combination of GIS data, non-geographical images, and video to convey the message you want. StormCenter's set up includes a TouchTable, a 50-inch mobile touch screen, which showcases the main geographical data while two extra screens on either side provide supplemental data such as charts, pictures, and videos. We this we can create stories to impress any audience.

StormCenter has been asked to create presentations for conferences such as AMS, OCEANS, and the International Code Council (ICC) by companies such as Northrop Grumman and Harris and government agencies such as NOAA, NASA, and WMO RA-IV.

In 2010, StormCenter was contracted by the State Department to create five 45 minute presentations for COP16, the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference. StormCenter employees traveled to Cancun, Mexico for the week-long conference to wow delegates from all over the world with stories that illustrated the science of climate change and the tangible effects it will have on our world and our way of life in the future. By presenting them through visual means, it allowed the audience to engage and grasp the data more readily.

To see an example of the kind of presentation StormCenter is capable of giving, visit the ICC Presentation page.