Dr. Mitch Goldberg

Chief Scientist, Joint Polar Satellite Systems, NOAA/NESDIS

How You Can Use JPSS Data to Serve Your Viewers

Dr. Bill Lapenta

Director, NCEP, NOAA/NWS

GFS vs. Euro, What's Happening with the Models? Upgrades to Operational Models at NOAA

Dr. Madhulika 'Lika' Guhathakurta

Program Scientist, Heliophysics Science Division, NASA Headquarters

The Gateway to Space Weather: How the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Revealed Our Space Weather Vulnerabilities

Bob Rutledge

Director, NOAA Space Weather Forecast Operations

Providing Impact-Based Decision Support Services for Space Weather Impacts

Town Hall Meeting

Paul Goodloe, Frank Billingsley, Craig Setzer, and Steve Weagle

The Extreme Hurricanes of 2017...Experiences from the Field!

Heath Hockenberry

Program Manager, NWS National Fire Weather

Delivering Impact-Based Decision Support Services to Firefighters and Emergency Managers During the Historic and Deadly Fires of 2017

Dr. Jim White

Director, Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research, Univ. of Colorado

Why Is Everything Melting So Fast??

Dr. Phil Klotzbach

Colorado State Univ.

Verifying & Summarizing the Historic 2017 Hurricane Season & Forecast, and Outlook for the 2018 Hurricane Season

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