Dr. Mitch Goldberg

Chief Scientist, Joint Polar Satellite Systems, NOAA/NESDIS

JPSS: Providing Global Monitoring and Environmental Intelligence for Improved Situational Awareness and Weather Forecasting

Deke Arndt

Chief, Monitoring Branch, National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI)

State of the Climate and the Extreme Events Around the World, Attribution and Communications Challenges

Dr. Rick Knabb

Director, National Hurricane Center (NHC), NOAA/NWS

The 2016 Hurricane Season, Summary, Challenges, and New Products

Greg Carbin

Weather Prediction Center, NOAA/NWS

Extreme Precipitation Events of 2016 and Emerging WPC Heavy Precip Products for a Weather Ready Nation

Dr. Jim White

Director, Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research, Univ. of Colorado

Greenland, CO2, and a Whole Lot of Worry

Dr. Ben Strauss

Director, Sea Level Rise Program, Climate Central

Tools to Communicate Sea Level Rise Impacts in Your Communities

Town Hall

Dr. Jim White, Dr. Howie Bluestein, Dr. Lika Guhathakurta, Dr. Ben Strauss, and Jim Gandy

Dr. Lika Guhathakurta

NASA Headquarters

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017, You Can’t Miss This One & You Can Involve Your Viewers!!

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